Solar Panel Lead Generation

Watts Marketing Ltd specialise in high quality Solar Panel Leads.

Checklist for a Solar Panel Lead

Customers details are correct, e.g. Name, Email, Address, Telephone Number(s).

Customer is a homeowner.

Customer has no Bad Credit, CCJ's, IVA's or Debt Management.

Customer earns a minimum of £10,000 annually.

Customer is Employed, Self-Employed or Retired.

Customer is below 65 years of age.

All adults in the property will be attending the appointment.

Customer has no obstructions on their roof

Customer spends at least £35pm on electricity.

Property is not listed or in a conservation area.

Solar PV Stats

81,000 +

Exclusive Leads Booked

£162,000,000 +

Revenue Generated For Our Partners

Qualified Leads

Qualified Leads

We take great care to ensure that your sales teams only talks to a customer who is a good fit for your company. Our call centre staff are highly trained and monitored in real time, so you never have to worry about paying for leads that don't result in sales. Our QA team listens to call recordings of the appointments we've arranged, on a continuous basis, to guarantee our agents are always giving accurate information.

Exclusive Leads

Exclusive Leads

Solar PV leads are always exclusive to you – we never pass any applications on to more than one company. This gives you the best chance to get a deal, which increases sales conversions and means you don't have to battle against multiple solar panel installers trying to supply that customer with quotations for solar panels.

Optimised Leads

Optimised Leads

We generate leads optimised for the best chance of a sale to install solar panels. Our sales directors and trainers were once paid purely on sales, meaning that our sales material is geared towards generating appointments that have a high chance of resulting in a sale. We work with you to ensure a consistent proposition throughout the customer's journey, ensuring customer satisfaction and high sales conversions. We also focus on achieving big average order values.

Who are Watts Marketing and why should you use their solar PV leads?

Since 2015, Watts Marketing has been generating leads the UK's largest solar panel installers with quality leads that deliver results. Our campaigns have always been successful throughout the years we've ran them, and that's how we've become the largest solar PV lead generation company.

All of our campaigns are created by sales and marketing experts who have run an experienced sales team previously. This is why all of our campaigns are designed specifically for a direct sales solar panel business and are likely to convert into a sale.

Our lead generation process typically works through online advertising, inbound enquiries or through search engines. Customers who are looking for a solar PV company will usually find us through one of these methods. We never cold call because it's ineffective and unproductive.

We usually find that our leads are proactive and not quote hunters. These customers are busy, professional, or retired people looking for the best company in their area – which could be you!

We take pride in qualifying each and every lead so that you're only speaking with a customer who is genuinely interested in your product or service. Our agents will answer any questions the potential customer may have, so you can focus on closing the sale.

Our Accreditations, Certifications & Achievements

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What exactly makes a Watts Marketing lead excellent?

Watts Marketing was established on the principle that we would want to handle our own leads and only wish to do so with any leads that meet the following criteria:

  • Are homeowners
  • Are working or retired
  • Earns at least £10,000 a year
  • Doesn't have bad credit
  • Doesn't have a listed building or live in a conservation area
  • Are interested in buying solar photovoltaic systems, and don't think it's free
  • Are interested in saving money on the cost of their energy
  • Spends more than £35pm on their electricity bills
  • Will have both parties to be available at the appointment

This is why you'll never get a sales lead that doesn't fulfil those standards, and your sales team will never be in front of a lead they can't sell.

One customer to one company, once only.

Why are Watts Marketing the best out of all the lead generation companies for your sales team?

We have a symbiotic relationship with our clients, and when they succeed, so do we. We recognize that more sales equals leads.

We have a team of Directors with over 120 years of combined sales and marketing experience in the industry. We know how to get you a quality solar panel lead.

Our solar panel leads are the best in the industry because they're built to convert and, after working with us once, you'll see why sales leads from other lead generation agencies don't compare.