Gas Boiler Lead Generation

Watts Marketing Ltd specialise in high quality Gas Boiler Leads.

Checklist for a Gas Boiler Lead

Customers details are correct, e.g. Name, Email, Address, Telephone Number(s).

Customer is a homeowner.

Customer has no Bad Credit, CCJ's, IVA's or Debt Management.

Customer earns a minimum of £10,000 annually.

Customer is below 75 years of age.

All adults in the property will be attending the appointment.

Gas Boiler Stats

6,500 +

Exclusive Leads Booked

£4,500,000 +

Revenue Generated For Our Partners

Qualified Leads


Our gas boiler leads are set up to give you the best possible chance of a sale, throughout the customers journey our dedicated in house marketing agents are trained to gather information and filter out customers.

Exclusive Leads


We can guarantee exclusivity for each lead for all of our gas boiler leads. We believe the customer should have confidence in your company and proposition.

Optimised Leads


Each lead is optimised not only for the best chance of a sale, but we also work with you to achieve a consistent proposition throughout the customers journey, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Watts Marketing is one of the largest suppliers of replacement Boiler finance leads in the UK. Our customers are typically interested in replacing outdated boilers with a modern and far more efficient boiler.

All of our customers have applied themselves and are never cold called. Every application is then verified by our industry leading call centre to verify the application and ensure the customer has the ability to buy, before passing you a booked appointment to meet with the customer.

What makes a "Watts Marketing" lead?

Our “able to pay” Boiler leads go through the same stringent qualification and compliance checks as all of our other campaigns, homeowners, Heating Spend, working or retired, no benefits, checked for CCJ’s and other debt related issues. We are also able to cater for ECO 3 and free boiler installation companies requiring leads.

All of our campaigns are 100% exclusive meaning that we do not sell the leads we pass you to any other company and our compliance team vet over 35% of the leads generated each week to ensure that every lead is in line with your sales proposition.

As with all leads, we cannot guarantee a sale, however we fully understand that your ability to buy more leads relies on actually installing the product.

Rest assured we know how to line a lead up to sit, sell and fit.