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Exclusive Leads

Once you purchase a lead, it is for your exclusive use only as Watts Marketing ensure to never re-sell a lead or offer them on a multi-quote basis.

Initial Inbound Enquiry

All our initial enquiries are generated from the web, using numerous different platforms; this means no cold calling, which ensures compliance whilst eliminating vulnerability issues.

Employed Marketing Agents

All of our staff are employed, this gives us leverage on control and performance, which enables us to deliver consistently high quality leads in large volumes.

Industry Leading Compliance Standards

Our dedicated in house compliance team listen to and analyse a minimum of 30% of all leads delivered in their entirety, checking 39 points within our script and objection handling process. This allows us to achieve 90% accuracy across all campaigns.

Hot-Key Transfer

All of our leads are telephone transferred through to yourself in real time, strengthening the proposition considerably. Ensuring continuity whilst minimising blow out.

Returns Policy

Our compliance strategy ensures the quality of our leads at the point it is made, with the opportunity to return a percentage of your leads that do not sit. This combined with the correct sales practices, ensures you are paying for a definite presentation.

414,000 +

Exclusive Sales Appointments Over The Last 9 Years.

£672,750,000 +

Revenue Generated For Our Partners.

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