Bespoke Lead Generation

Want to buy leads but can’t find your product on our website?

Watts Marketing Ltd specialise in lead generation campaigns, focusing on online client acquisition and qualified telephone appointment setting.

If you are looking for cost effective qualified leads then look no further, Watts Marketing can provide a bespoke lead generation campaign suited to your business/product.

We can tailor make your very own lead generation campaign and provide highly qualified customers directly to you! Our expert in house call centre will speak with the prospect and verify they are genuinely interested in speaking with you to buy your product/service.

Once we pass the customer to you that customer is yours, we do not re sell that customer on to multiple customers like our competitors.

What to expect from a bespoke lead generation campaign?

  • 100% Exclusive Leads
  • Generated Via the Internet (Not Through Cold Calling)
  • Genuinely Interested Prospects
  • High Levels of Compliance
  • Cost Effective Lead Generation

How long will it take for my bespoke lead generation campaign to start producing leads?

With every bespoke lead generation campaign, we create all content and landing pages from scratch, it is impossible to say exactly how long a campaign will take to create until we have the full details of the products we will be promoting.

Every lead generation campaign will differ from product to product, the best thing to do is get in contact with our client acquisitions team to discuss the specific needs and criteria you require from your campaign.

What we must create for your bespoke lead generation campaign?

  1. Landing pages to collect customer data
  2. Adverts & PPC campaigns
  3. Scripts & Compliance documents
  4. Bespoke portal for keeping track of your leads

What if my customer doesn’t meet my criteria or is not eligible for my product?

Watts Marketing operate a return policy and offer to replace any lead that falls outside of criteria or does not go ahead with an appointment. Once you return a lead to us, our in house returns team will verify for the reason for return and then either decline or credit the lead back to your account based on the out come of their investigation.